WIPO PROOF – Trusted Digital Evidence

WIPO PROOF provides a date- and time-stamped digital fingerprint of any file, proving its existence at specific point in time.

The WIPO PROOF service was launched as a pilot program by WIPO in 2020 and has been followed by a number of similar initiatives in the public and private sector. 

Following a review of the pilot program as part of WIPO’s planning and budget review, it was decided to discontinue the WIPO PROOF service.

The token generation service will be discontinued on January 31, 2022.  For existing account holders, the storage and validation services for previously generated tokens will remain available for a further 5 years from that date.

More information can be found on the WIPO PROOF website.


Frequently asked questions

From January 31, 2022, you will no longer be able to generate WIPO PROOF tokens or to purchase bundles. Starting from this date, and for the 5 following years, WIPO PROOF will continue to store tokens, and you can validate them, download them, and generate premium certificates.

As the token generation service will be terminated on January 31, 2022, pre-paid bundles can be used until that date.

After January 31, 2022, any unused balance of pre-paid bundles will be reimbursed.

No, the tokens can be used to demonstrate that a digital file existed at a given point in time and can be validated even after the discontinuation of the service. The WIPO PROOF validation system will be available until January 2027, and it is always possible to validate the tokens using independent platforms or using readily available open source utilities, ensuring their validation in the long term.

Yes. The token storage and verification services and the premium certificate service will be maintained, and can be used via the WIPO PROOF web site for 5 years from January 31, 2022. Note that tokens can always be validated using independent platforms or using readily available open source utilities, and so tokens can be validated in the long term.

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