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These stories offer insights into how IP is being used by entrepreneurs, inventors and creators around the world, every day to add value to their products, support business growth, create employment and promote economic development.

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(Photo: © Courtesy of Bioestibas)

Sustainable storage: eco-pallets made from flower stems

Colombian-based Bioestibas, the first ecological pallet plant in Latin America, has found an ingenious way to transform the agricultural waste (hydrangea stems) produced by the country’s flower growers into high-performance eco-pallets.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Ottobock)

Innovative prostheses help para athletes achieve their goals

In late summer 2021, athletes with disabilities from around the world competed at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Maja Hoock, Manager of Corporate Communications Research and Development (R&D) at the leading German prosthetics company, Ottobock, explains how IP-protected sports prostheses help athletes make the most of their abilities.


Transforming waste pulp into a new feedstock for the chemical industry

Every year, the South African pulping industry produces millions of tonnes of lignin, a waste wood component, which researchers from Stellenbosch University are converting into a new feedstock for the chemical industry.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Graphenel JSC)

Graphenel: pioneering graphene production in Viet Nam

Graphenel JSC, based in Ho Chi Minh City, is a technology company with a novel approach to graphene production. Jane Phung, the company’s international business development manager, discusses the role IP plays in supporting Graphenel’s ambition to become a leading supplier of graphene-based materials.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Google Creative Lab, Sydney, Australia)

Uncanny Valley: charting a new era of musical creativity

Charlton Hill, Co-founder and Head of Innovation at Uncanny Valley, a Sydney-based progressive music technology company discusses the company’s ambitions to speed-up, democratize and re-shape music production through the use of artificial intelligence.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Mootral)

Mootral: Saving the climate, one cow at a time

As ruminants, cows produce methane, which traps significantly higher levels of heat than carbon dioxide. Find out how Mootral's innovative natural feed supplement is reducing greenhouse gas emissions from cows, which is critical in building a greener future.

(Photo: © Courtesy of MSP)

Mauricio de Sousa Productions: comic success underpinned by intellectual property

Did you grow up with “Monica’s Friends”? Founded over 60 years ago, Mauricio de Sousa Productions has become one of Brazil’s most successful comic book and animation publishers. What role has IP played in this success?

(Photo: © Courtesy of Tusk Engineers)

Eco-Friendly Bio-Latrines in Uganda: Turning Waste into High-Quality Fertilizer and Biogas

Soil degradation, inadequate sanitation and air pollution are interconnected issues that Tusk Engineers are fixing through the development and deployment of bio-latrines that are improving living standards in rural areas in Uganda.

(Photo: © Getty/AvigatorPhotographer)

Treating waste water in the Philippines with Vigorim

Find out how Vigormin, a white powder comprising several organo-minerals is improving wastewater treatment in the Philippines.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Nizwa Farm, 1 Million Palm Tree Project – Diwan Royal Court)

Oman: Pollinating Date Palms with AI and Drones

Find out how Wakan Tech, an Omani start-up is transforming date production with artificial intelligence, robotics and drones making it a more cost-effective and attractive activity for new generations of date farmers.

(Photo: © Courtesy of AQUALONIS)

Harvesting fog to relieve water shortages in arid regions

When we think about sources of water, fog is perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind. But a pioneering new water technology called the CloudFisher® offers communities facing severe water shortages in arid and foggy coastal or mountainous regions an affordable and sustainable source of clean water.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Rory Cooper)

Paralympian Rory Cooper drives innovation for people with disabilities

Rory Cooper, a Paralympian and a serial inventor, is committed to improving the quality of life and participation of people with disabilities through engineering and technology. Find out about his pioneering work and how IP helps ensure his inventions reach the market and help people.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Corbana)

The Banano de Costa Rica Geographical Indication: Supporting Environmental Sustainability

Banana production is extremely important to Costa Rica’s economy, one of the world’s top banana-exporting nations. In 2011, the Banano de Costa Rica became the country’s first registered geographical indication (GI), which reflects the distinctive quality of the fruit and producers’ strong commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

(Images: © Courtesy of CORTESÍA DE IVANA MAGLIONE)

Global publishing post-COVID: an interview with Bodour Al Qasimi

President of the International Publishers’ Association, Sheika Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi discusses the challenges confronting publishers in the post-COVID era.

(Images: © Courtesy of JSC Laser Systems)

JSC Laser Systems: Innovation as collateral for finance

JSC Laser Systems benefits from a new program to boost the development of knowledge-intensive industries in the Russian Federation.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Oded Shoseyov)

Bio-engineering: unlocking nature’s treasures

For Professor Oded Shoseyov, a pioneering materials engineer, serial inventor and entrepreneur, nature is a source of inspiration. He discusses some of his most significant inventions and how IP rights help ensure they are widely accessible to society.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Julius K-9®)

Julius K9®: harnessing innovation to meet dog lovers’ needs

Gyula Sebő founder and CEO of Julius K-9®, a leading canine accessories brand, who has dedicated his professional life to pet welfare innovations, explains why it is so important for companies like his to have a carefully crafted IP strategy in place from day one.