FOTODIASTASI – Designs that Bring Fairy Tales to Life

By Serena Christiansson, Hague Development and Promotion Section, Hague Registry, WIPO

No matter the occasion – celebrations with family or friends, annual festivities like Chinese New Year or Christmas, or simply long winter nights – decorative lights create atmosphere. They are not just warm and welcoming; they also help capture the excitement of many moments.

Photo of a young boy wearing a crown standing in a carriage covered in lights and tinsel.
FOTODIASTASI create magical light displays that people can interact with (Perth, Australia). (Photo: FOTODIASTASI)

Lighting up our lives

Greek, award-winning small and medium-size enterprise (SME), FOTODIASTASI, have been designing and manufacturing decorative lights since 1987.

Their exquisite and eye-catching designs and displays bring venues across the world – from city centers to sports arenas, and even airports – to life.

Photo of a large walk through baseball, covered in white lights with red lights to represent the stitching on the ball
A walk through, illuminated baseball (Photo: FOTODIASTASI)

They carefully tailor their displays to local cultures, traditions and markets, working closely with their clients to come up with unique and personalized design concepts that complement the aesthetics of each destination. And, their products are 100% recyclable.

Every public area has its own, unique characteristics. We love to come up with revolutionary and creative concepts that are specifically designed to bring out these characteristics and light up not only streets and places but also moods and faces!


Bringing fairy tales to life

FOTODIASTASI’s designs include characters, animals, festive decorations such as gifts and baubles, and interactive features including tunnels, carriages, photo cutout boards, and many more. In their own words, they are literally “bringing fairy tales to life”.

A wire 3-d structure of a whale covered in white lights
A display in South Africa. (Photo: FOTODIASTASI)

They base their designs largely around shades of white light – both warm and cold. But – whenever possible – they use a much wider color palette with bright colors that really enhance the unique and special effect of their displays.

And, their designs work by day and by night – for example, balloons or bears that are simply decorative by day are brought to life through light at night.

FOTODIASTASI and the Hague System

With customers all across the globe, protecting their unique designs internationally is vital, and helps FOTODIASTASI retain their position as a market leader in their field.

FOTODIASTASI has been using the Hague System to secure international design protection for almost twenty years.

A display in the Republic of Korea. (Photo: FOTODIASTASI)

In 2022 alone, they have registered six new international design registrations. Those registrations combined include more than 420 designs, all protected under Class 26-04 (Lighting apparatus – luminous sources, electrical or not) of the Locarno Classification – the international classification used to register designs.

Reminder! You can include up to 100 designs in a single international application filed through the Hague System, so long as they are in the same class of the Locarno Classification.

Making the most of eHague

FOTODIASTASI file their international applications and renew their international registrations themselves – using the Hague System’s digital gateway, eHague – without needing to pay for the services of a lawyer.

eHague is really simple to use; anyone can manage. You just need to read up on some of the basics, and then you’re ready to go.

Christina Mouchali, Export Director, FOTODIASTASI

FOTODIASTASI share some tips!

"If like us you show your designs at exhibitions worldwide, you can quickly file an application in eHague – just one or two days before the event – to protect those designs.

And, thanks to the Hague System’s flexible publication options, we can publish our designs at the same time as we dispatch our new catalogues!

Would they recommend the Hague System to other SMEs?

Yes, 100% – to all of them! The process is easy, fast and really cost-efficient.

Christina Mouchali

You can find out more about FOTODIASTASI's designs in our Hague Express database.

About the Hague System

WIPO’s Hague System provides a unique international mechanism for securing and managing design rights simultaneously in multiple countries or regions through one application, in one language with one set of fees.

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