International Music Registry

The International Music Registry (IMR) aims to facilitate licensing in the digital environment by providing faster, easier and simpler access to reliable information about musical works and sound recordings throughout the world.  This idea is a collaboration of the worldwide music sector, with WIPO as facilitator.

In the last decade, the rapid growth and development of the Internet as a delivery mechanism for music has challenged the established music rights management architecture, which was not designed to facilitate use of music in the digital world.

The IMR seeks to create an international system that provides a single access point to all the different rights management systems used around the world. An accurate, authoritative, registry of basic information on musical works, sound recordings and music videos is a fundamental, essential public good that supports a healthy framework for digital music licensing.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes balanced international intellectual property (IP) protection as a means of rewarding creativity, stimulating innovation, and contributing to economic development and access to knowledge while safeguarding the public interest.  WIPO facilitates the IMR stakeholder dialogue which provides a forum for exchange among the worldwide music sectors especially in relation to the challenges facing music in the digital environment. This project seeks to ensure that the registry collaborates with existing efforts worldwide to improve access to music rights information. It is expected to provide a more transparent, inclusive architecture for the benefit of all stakeholders. According to WIPO Director General, Francis Gurry, the IMR:

"would need to be a global public asset, based on voluntary participation and available to all as a basis for operating or building business models for the management or exploitation of rights."


International Music Registry